Your partner in direct lending and private debt market investments

Established in 2011, MCP provides corporate borrowers with tailored direct lending options while providing investors with unrivalled access to Australia’s inter-bank corporate lending market.

Tailored strategies for borrowers and investors

As a direct lender, we offer borrowers innovative lending solutions for a range of activities undertaken by corporate, project and infrastructure, real estate, and structured finance borrowers.

As a specialist debt fund manager, we offer our investors actively managed access to the attractive risk-adjusted returns available from private debt markets. This enables investors to participate in direct lending opportunities to Australian corporates in a way that manages risk and helps them achieve their investment objectives.

Our values are your advantage

MCP is an active participant in the market, involved in a broad range of inter-bank lending transactions, including through our various managed funds. Because lending is our lifeblood, we’re passionate about working with borrowers and investors to help them achieve their goals.

As market leaders, we thrive on providing innovative solutions for our clients. At the same time, being independent and agile means we’re able to work with our clients to deliver highly bespoke lending and investment products.

Maximising value and minimising risk through direct borrower and market relationships

Our lending policies and processes have been developed over many years with the aim of mitigating risk while continuing to deliver for Australian corporate borrowers.

For investors, this means a strong focus on risk management and capital preservation through detailed credit analysis, negotiation and active management of investments. For borrowers, this means an independent and agile debt provider who’s able to work with them to create value.

Our investment approach

MCP believes that the corporate loan market represents a large and active segment of Australia’s corporate fixed income market and provides superior risk-adjusted returns compared with other fixed income investments.

The experience of our investment team means we understand the various sources of income available from – and risks associated with – corporate lending, and are able to implement investment strategies and processes to maximise returns from this asset class.

We do this through superior portfolio design, construction and risk management, proactive and rigorous credit analysis, and exploiting the benefits of scale.

Expertise at every stage of the investment process

How we achieve outperformance in the corporate loan market

MCP believes outperformance in Australia’s corporate loan market is achieved through a combination of factors.

Having the right people on your side can make all the difference

The MCP team is comprised of highly experienced senior professionals with backgrounds in corporate lending, direct debt origination, structuring, negotiation and portfolio risk management.

Our managing partners have significant banking and funds management experience across:

  • Corporate finance
  • Specialised finance
  • Property finance

This deep expertise is complemented by a talented team of investment professionals experienced in credit analysis, portfolio management, legal, compliance and asset administration.

Our investment team

Photo of Andrew Lockhart


Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in funds management, banking and finance. His areas of expertise include corporate debt origination, portfolio and risk management and corporate restructuring. Andrew previously specialised in leverage and acquisition finance as well as corporate and institutional lending.
Photo of Graham Mcnamara


With in excess of 37 years’ in funds management and commercial banking, Graham has considerable experience in corporate debt origination, portfolio management, loan syndications, agency management and corporate banking.
Photo of Justin Hynes


Justin has more than 20 years’ experience in funds management, commercial and investment banking. This has included considerable corporate debt origination and portfolio management experience. Justin has also specialised in leveraged and acquisition finance as well as corporate finance.
Photo of Andrew Tremain


Andrew has in excess of 30 years’ experience in funds management, commercial and investment banking. This has included extensive corporate debt origination and portfolio management experience. Andrew previously specialised in leveraged and acquisition finance as well as loan syndications.

Careers At MCP

We’re always seeking talented individuals from various backgrounds to join our team of professionals. If you’ve succeeded in your chosen field, have the ability to back yourself and are interested in a career at MCP, please get in touch at