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Why invest?

An experienced and active management team with a proven track record
MCP is a specialist Australian debt fund manager and its investment team has extensive direct lending experience. This experience encompasses all aspects of originating, structuring, negotiating, executing and distributing corporate loans and managing portfolio risk.

Monthly cash income with reduced capital volatility
Corporate loans have floating interest rates with lender protections, resulting in stability of capital value and low loss rates. By investing in the corporate loan market, the fund will target a return of the RBA Cash Rate plus 3.25% p.a. net of fees and intends to pay cash distributions monthly. (This is only a target and may not be achieved.)

Superior risk-adjusted returns from a diversified portfolio
Australia’s corporate loan market offers attractive returns but is largely inaccessible to non-bank investors. The fund offers direct, diversified exposure to this market.

Portfolio diversification from an investment in Australian corporate fixed income
Fixed income is an important component of a balanced investment portfolio, offering stable cash yields with reduced capital volatility. However, investors currently have limited domestic fixed income investment opportunities and negligible opportunities to access the attractive risk-adjusted returns offered by direct lending to Australian corporates.


Who is the MCP Master Income Trust for?

Fixed income is an important component of a balanced portfolio, and is an increasingly attractive asset class for investors seeking capital stability and regular income, building a more defensive portfolio.

The MCP Master Income Trust is targeting investors looking for regular monthly income without exposure to the volatility of the equity markets and ensuing risk of capital loss.

Investment strategy

The trust’s investment strategy is to provide exposure to Australian corporate loans that generally reflect market activity, diversified by borrower, industry and credit quality. Through active portfolio risk management, MCP will seek to preserve investor capital.

Diversified by borrowers
The trust will lend to public and private companies and projects (approximately 50 individual investments immediately, with a near-term anticipated target of 75-100).

Diversified by industries
The trust will lend across industry sectors. It is not intended that it will invest in the banking sector (i.e. regulated banks that otherwise issue public debt securities and hybrids or industries that conflict with MCP’s Environmental Social and Governance policy).

Diversified by credit quality
The trust will lend across the credit spectrum in a way that reflects activity in the Australian corporate loan market. Borrowers will be Australian domiciled (>80%) with investments in debt products that are typical in the market.


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Disclaimer and disclosure

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